Table of Contents

  The Workbook Outcomes
1. Nuts and Bolts
  How to Achieve Certification
  Check Your Eligibility
  Which Certificate Is Right for You
  Low-Demand Certificates
  Portfolio Instructions, NB Standards, Scoring Guide
  Computer Skills
  Reflective Journal
  Backward Design
  Follow the Portfolio Instructions—Exactly
2. The Five Core Propositions
  Personal Inventory Sheet—Example
  Personal Inventory Worksheets
3. A Walk Through the Portfolio Instructions
  Get Started
  Entry 1
  Entry 2 and Entry 3
  Entry 4
  Packing and Shipping
  Additional Materials
  Concluding Statement
  Communication Log
4. Examining the National Board Certificate Standards
  Standards Inventory Sheet—Example
  Standards Personal Inventory Worksheet
5. Classroom Environment: Affective and Effective
  Classroom Layout and Learning Environment
  Classroom Layout
  Classroom Layout Revised
6. Contextual Information: The Big Picture
  Writing the Contextual Information
7. Entries 1,2, and 3: Planning Ahead
  Instruction for Completing the Portfolio Review
  Repeat for Entry 2 and Entry 3
  Check for Understanding
  The Portfolio Overview—Example
  The Portfolio Overview Worksheet
8. Knowledge of Students
9. Instructional Context
  Writing the Instructional Context
10. Planning and Instruction
11. Teaching Strategies
  Effective Teaching: Strategies Identified with Student Gains
12. Videotaping
  Videotape Analysis Guide
13. Analyzing Student Work
  A Rubric Is a Guide
  Looking at Student Work to Improve Instruction
  Say. Mean. Matter.
  Be Specific When Analyzing Student Work
14. Entry 4: Documented Accomplishments
  Guided Practice for Entry 4: Documented Accomplishments
  Writing the Portfolio Entry
  Writing Practice
  Some Suggestions
  What Doesn’t Work
  Documented Accomplishments Worksheet
15. It’s About the Writing
  Setting Up the Page
16. Collaboration and Cohort Groups
  Forming a Successful Cohort Group
  Looking at Teachers’ Work
  Working with the Cohort Group
  Looking at Teachers’ Work—a Protocol
17. Assessment Center Exercises
18. Scoring
  How Scoring and Certification Work
  Portfolio Scoring Matrix
  Scoring Your Entry—Take Two
19. Time Management
  Suggested Timeline
  Am I Ready for Nation Board Certification?
20. Packing and Shipping