The first edition of The National Board Certification Workbook offered you top-notch preparation for the National Board certification process. Now the second edition, with 40% new material, goes even further, taking you through every step of the process, and giving you the guidance you need to achieve certification.

Adrienne Mack-Kirschner's work as a National Board support provider makes her the ideal person to advise certification candidates, and her workbook is the next-best thing to attending her workshops. In addition to the comprehensive forms, checklists, and step-by-step portfolio instructions from the first edition, she's now expanded the workbook to include more guidelines for documenting your instruction with video as well as many useful suggestions on understanding the assessment exams and succeeding on them.

Beginning with Personal Inventory Sheets keyed to the Core Propositions, right through scoring your own work, Mack-Kirschner offers numerous helpful tools, including:
  • best-practices charts
  • guides to videotaping your teaching and analyzing the footage
  • graphic organizers for thinking through your practice
  • data-collection techniques for correlation with student achievement
  • plentiful opportunities for self-reflection and assessment
  • updated information about the new portfolio requirements
  • strategic advice about taking the NB assessment examinations.

The National Board has raised the standards for the profession and brought a new level of distinction to its certified teachers because it requires "clear, consistent, and convincing evidence" of meeting its demanding standards. How do you measure up? Where do you need to stretch and grow? Use The National Board Certification Workbook, Second Edition, in conjunction with The Teacher's Guide to National Board Certification and find out how to examine your teaching practices and present the evidence of your classroom excellence in a way that helps your professionalism shine brightly.