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You choose what works for you.

Today, technology plays a key role in how we live and learn, and in the modern classroom, one size just doesn't fit all. With the purchase of Biology Source you automatically receive digital support in 4 different formats. Same content. Four formats.



SMART Notebook™ and PowerPoint lessons, videos, animations, simulations, interactive quizzes, and a digital copy of the student book, all on a user-friendly, highly searchable database for students and teachers. Also included is the Teacher’s Resource in Word format so all notes, planning charts and Line Masters can be customized to meet individual needs.



We know that Internet access isn’t always available. Use our DVD format to access the online content from ScienceSource.ca, without the need to be online.

Moodle, Angel, and other LMS Cartridges

Do you currently use a learning management system? We will provide Physics and Biology content for you to upload into the format you use now.

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