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PhysicsSource 11 Contents
Unit A Kinematics
Constant velocity represents uniform motion.
p. 4
Acceleration causes a change in velocity.
p. 28
A projectile is an object moving in a vertical plane, under the influence of the force of gravity.
p. 58
Unit A Summary
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Unit A Review
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Unit B Forces
Gravity extends throughout the universe.
p. 96
Forces can change velocity.
p. 126
Unit B Summary
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Unit B Review
p. 179
Unit C Energy and Society
Energy is transferred and transformed by forces doing work.
p. 164
Thermal energy transfer and changes of state are the basis of many technologies.
p. 206
Unit C Summary
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Unit C Review
p. 287
Unit D Waves and Sound
Waves transmit energy.
p. 294
Sound is a longitudinal mechanical wave.
p. 320
Unit D Summary
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Unit D Review
p. 359
Unit E Electricity and Magnetism
The principles of conservation of energy and charge apply to electrical circuits.
p. 366
Properties of magnetic fields apply in nature and technology.
p. 398
Electromagnetic induction is used to generate most of the electrical energy used today.
p. 420
Unit E Summary
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Unit E Review
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