Overview of Modules

The Don't Label Me! module examines concepts such as prejudice, bias, racism, and discrimination. It invites students to explore how and why we use stereotypes and how stereotyping affects people.

The Heroes or Zeros? module explores how our concept of the "hero" is influenced by culture, gender, age, physical ability, and archetypal patterns, as well as the degree to which heroism is influenced by circumstances.

The Out Loud module invites students to explore the power of spoken language in various ways, including how spoken words connect, engage, inform, and influence us.

The Live Lines module has a variety of poetic texts that catch students' attention by their visual aspects, range of topics, and general appeal. The variety offers students different entry points into their understanding of poetry.

The Upload module explores the methods by which media texts are constructed, the explicit and implicit messages they convey, and the advantages and disadvantages of living in a society immersed in media texts.

Get Real! helps students develop the understandings and skills they need to become critical consumers of information. They will realize that the "truth" may look quite different to people with various perspectives and points of view.

The What's Your Problem? module invites students to explore a variety of conflict situations, ranging from conflicts with a family member to conflicts that stem from broad social issues, and to consider options for resolving these conflicts.

The Looking for Me? module invites students to explore notions of identity in various ways, including the degree to which we are shaped by our experiences, whether we can change who we are, and the many ways we can express ourselves.