DOCit [logo] Capturing Learning in the Classroom


I think it makes documentation across the district professional and uniform.
DOCit is a great tool to record and track student learning and a great way to share with parents. It’s great that you can print your learning story for documentation books, binders, etc. I would definitely recommend this program!
DOCit is a good program which will allow you to make individual notes about students and keep everything organized in one place.
I think the DOCit program is a great way for educators to organize their data. I love the fact that the curriculum expectations are there to select after each document that is created. It is a great organizational tool.
It is a great way to organize learning stories in one place. Documents can be printed and used for display purposes.
It is a very useful program that would keep things organized for classrooms and makes documenting easier.
It's easy to use, encourages reflection, and planning for next steps. It connects to program expectations, keeps you organized, a good tool for communicating with parents, encourages process-oriented documentation.
DOCit is a wonderful program, especially now with all the new upgrades. I will definitely use this program to better my teaching and documenting.
Amazing software that now, after 6months of input, has developed into an information rich app that will allow us to easily document and capture what we want and organize it how we want. Also the ability to connect right to the expectations is outstanding. It is truly a wonderful tool.
In the last four years, this is the most complete way of capturing and following the children’s learning, Kept in one place. I hope with time we will downsize all other ways, such as printing and using large amounts of paper, and as such help the environment. Hopefully we will start using the technology of the future because the future is already here.
DOCit has been a great assessment tool for our class. My students have begun to use Siri on the iPad to record their learning stories and feel like they are part of the documentation process. The updates DOCit have provided have been an asset to our documentation process and made the program more user friendly.
This year was very interesting with the use of an iPad in my room. It was my first experience with having one in my class. I found it very useful for capturing those special learning and fun experiences that the students came up with. Becoming more familiar with the DOCit program has been eye opening! Having the outcomes at the touch of a finger has been a real bonus. I feel that with more time, experience and practice, I will be able to make better use of this marvelous program.
DOCit is valuable in communicating the learning that takes place through play in the kindergarten classroom. It allows teachers to take photos and record the activities/situations that are occurring in the classroom throughout the day. We can then connect our observations of the students learning to the curricular outcomes and expectations for the kindergarten program. It is a great way to share with the parents, the concepts and curricula that is being covered through play based learning. It makes it clear that although the children are involved in play activities, many important concepts, outcomes, and skills are being learned.
I was very intrigued about the possibilities of using DOCit. I like the interface and find it easy and intuitive. I do like the way it allows you to document the learning in the classroom, and its potential as an assessment tool.