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What is DOCit?

Right now, you probably have pieces of documentation in several different places: notebooks or sticky notes, paper folders, file folders on various devices or computers, or information you simply keep in your mind. Think of DOCit as a central place where you can store all of that information to make it easily accessible for assembling into meaningful documents that make learning visible and actionable.

Capture Observations, Conversations, and Notes

You can use any device to capture this documentation: digital cameras, video cameras, smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, or even sticky notes or notebooks. These pieces of documentation can be uploaded or input into DOCit so there is one central location for all documentation.

Build Documents

You can easily bring together pieces of documentation into documents that make learning visible.

  • Upload media files and notes that you have already created
  • Connect children to the document
  • Add captions or description to media files
  • Add or revise notes based on further reflection by you and the children
  • Connect to curriculum outcomes/expectations (your curriculum is built in to DOCit and you just have to select the applicable outcomes/expectations to connect them to the document)
  • Assign levels of development to individual children connected to the document to indicate their accomplishment

Review Summaries

DOCit automatically generates a variety of individual and class summaries that allow you to review and analyze documents to support planning and reporting of learning.

Communicate with Children, Parents, and Colleagues

You can review documents with children to celebrate their learning and gain further insight into their thinking. You can print or export documents from DOCit to share with parents or discuss during teacher/parent conferences. You can also share documents with colleagues in collaborative inquiries to get their input and perspectives on the learning.