Written by acclaimed Canadian children’s authors, Well Aware is a series of short books for Grades 4–8 that provides an awareness of mental health issues and fosters discussion on a wide variety of topics related to emotional well-being.

Mental health has become a vital concern in our schools and communities. We understand better than ever that positive mental health is foundational to academic achievement, effective life skills, and overall well-being. Positive mental health encompasses ALL students and supports the goals of prevention, inclusion, compassionate support, and healthy development. The Well Aware series is designed to help teachers meet these goals by integrating mental health literacy into their literacy program.

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Features & Benefits

We see it every day: students who are repeatedly distracted, preoccupied, sad, angry, or disorganized, or who feel confused and hopeless. We realize that as educators we have the opportunity and the responsibility to help students thrive, flourish, feel hopeful, and become socially and emotionally responsive.

Addressing mental well-being in our classrooms can be a sensitive and even a controversial subject. That is why we hope Well Aware will help you to feel confident as you share important positive mental health information, strategies, and skills with your students through powerful literature and non-fiction texts.

The Well Aware series offers

  • engaging student books at a variety of reading levels and in a variety of text forms to elicit students’ interest and promote thoughtful conversation in a variety of settings
  • supportive Teacher’s Resources that include research related to positive mental health and current literacy approaches, plus comprehensive teaching plans with a menu of ideas and strategies from which to choose so you can connect learning about mental health to a variety of curriculum areas
  • resources that allow you to integrate mental health literacy into your literacy program so there is no need to fit an extra program into your already packed schedule



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