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Our Commitment to French-as-a-Second-Language in Canada

Pearson Canada is deeply committed to supporting FSL teaching and learning. For us, the experience of learning new languages, especially Canada’s official languages, is a vital element of a Canadian education. The insights and guidance of the most respected authors, researchers, educators, and specialists in second language teaching inform every single decision we make. Explore our FSL resources and solutions and see our commitment shine.

Échos Pro and Échos

Inspiring Teachers. Motivating Students.

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Échos Pro and Échos are quickly becoming the most popular literacy-based resources for elementary FSL education in Canada. With comprehensive teaching support, powerful yet easy-to-use technologies, and a wide variety of engaging student texts, Échos Pro and Échos inspire FSL Teachers with effective lessons and ideas and motivate students to interact in French with fun, collaborative, and authentic tasks. Be an Échos Pro!



Bringing Literacy and Inquiry together for Student Success.

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Using Inquiry and Literacy as pedagogical foundations, Fusion blends exciting topics designed to capture the attention of young teenagers with appropriate and accessible language levels to improve their communication skills in French.


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Pearson Leads. Our professional and classroom resources and our professional development services draw from the latest research and the most respected, well-known voices in FSL education.