Don't Label Me!

The Don’t Label Me! module examines concepts such as prejudice, bias, racism, and discrimination. It invites students to explore how and why we use stereotypes and how stereotyping affects people.


Student Book

Live Ink Online:
Student e-Kit

Teacher’s Handbook and eHandbook

  • Plenty of short selections to support the theme or genre. This wide variety of content allows for great flexibility and choice.
  • Exciting and bold design captures students’ attention.
  • Embedded opportunities for rich and meaningful discussion and response.
  • Built-in literacy support to help students successfully learn and apply reading, writing, oral language and media literacy strategies and skills.
  • Selections from the student books in digital format with the ability to highlight or take notes online
  • Audio recordings of selections with the ability to download or listen to while reading online
  • Additional media texts including video clips, podcasts, songs, digital stories, and selected author biographies
  • Interactive test preparation and vocabulary games
  • Links to relevant websites
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans complete with modifiable linemasters
  • Support for assessment, differentiation, metacognition, and critical literacy
  • Projectable student book pages
  • Bank of Skill Builder mini-lessons to support the writing process, comprehension strategies, grammar and conventions
  • Ideas for working with Web 2.0
  • Tips and strategies for supporting ELL
  • Quick links to the curriculum

Module Kit

  • Includes 30 copies of the Student Book, one Online Student eKit, and one Teacher’s Handbook.



Don't Label Me! Student Edition
Don't Label Me! Online eKit
Don't Label Me! Teacher's Guide
Don't Label Me! Module Kit