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A resource for classroom teachers that promotes the acquisition of 21st century competencies and skills through open-ended creative problem-solving projects.

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Why Destination Imagination
Classroom Edition?

Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Ministries of Education are developing new curricula policies that address knowledge, skills, and assessment practices required to prepare students for the 21st century. National conversations by leading educators point to the importance of

  • scaling innovation across a system
  • tools to support acquisition of the 21st century skills and competencies (4Cs)
  • building professional learning communities for teachers, principals, and system leaders
  • Assessment for, as, and of Learning related to 21st century skills and competencies (4Cs)

Destination Imagination Classroom Edition harnesses students’ curiosity embracing the 4Cs and innovation.

Innovation impacts the ways students learn and the way teachers teach. The cross-curricular team challenges in this resource package can be the catalyst for an engaging inquiry-based approach to learning and self-discovery.

  • In Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, Tony Wagner refers to the need to accelerate innovation within the education system and inspire students by creating a learning environment focused on teaching 21st century competencies and skills.

Creativity is a mindset that engages students in meaningful, purposeful conversations, working through an inquiry process that develops higher-order thinking skills and application of different problem-solving strategies.

Critical Thinking encourages students to demonstrate flexibility, originality, supports risk taking, and is viewed as a process.

  • In A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink reaffirms the importance and focus on creativity and innovation. These are powerful ingredients for student success and are foremost in the Destination Imagination Classroom Edition resource.

Communication recognizes different audiences and purposes and communication skills involve a variety of media formats and digital tools. In Destination Imagination Classroom Edition, students are encouraged to actively listen, participate, and communicate within their groups, while developing teamwork, improvisational, and presentation skills.

Collaboration is a critical skill for students and teachers to continuously model. By implementing Destination Imagination Classroom Edition, students are afforded opportunities to work in groups, be respectful, learn from each other, share roles and responsibilities, value diversity and peer contributions, and become self-reflective, self-directed learners. Teachers act as a guide, to facilitate and support students on their 21st century journey. Teachers can collaborate in an online professional learning network called NEO CONNECT to share expertise and best practices with colleagues, reflect, and build capacity.


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Registration Information

Thank you for your interest in Destination Imagination: Classroom Edition, an innovative, dynamic resource for the classroom teacher that promotes the development of 21st century skills and competencies through innovation and active student inquiry. The resource resides in CLE (Canadian Learning Exchange), a searchable database allowing you to navigate and find cross-curricular projects that focus on developing critical problem solving, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Students also learn flexibility, gain self confidence and become self-directed learners as they work on open-ended projects in teams.  

Destination Imagination: Classroom Edition is available as an annual subscription on a per student basis. Although available for purchase by individual schools, this product and a range of support services are designed particularly for district-wide implementation with the involvement of senior district leadership in the registration process.

Senior Administration is provided with information on the Registration process and the teacher in turn is provided with login credentials to access Destination Imagination: Classroom Edition in CLE.  

If you would like to learn more about this resource in helping you teach 21st century skills, please email: or contact Customer Service at 1-800- 361-6128.

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If you would like to learn more about this resource in helping you teach 21st century skills, please email: or contact Customer Service at 1-800- 361-6128.