Espanol B

Pete Watson

Pete Watson is currently the Head of Spanish at Malvern College. He has taught Spanish at A level and IB for 14 years, and has also taught French and Portuguese. He has lived in Colombia, Chile and Portugal, and also gives In-Service Training (INSET) and training on Information and communications technology (ICT) use in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teaching.

Maite de le Fuente Zofio

Maite de le Fuente Zofío has been a Spanish IB teacher since 1993. She has been an IB Assistant Examiner for Spanish HL and the extended essay, as well as an internal moderator since 1996. She is also Team-Leader Examiner for Spanish B Higher Learning (HL) paper 1. She now teaches at the Jakarta International school.

Concepción Allende Urbieta

Concepción Allende Urbieta has lived and worked as a teacher and administrator in education in Mexico, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea. She started teaching the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in 1996 in Norway. She has been an IB Examiner, workshop leader, and is a Diploma Programme (DP) school’s visitor.

Lydie Gonzales

Lydie Gonzales has been a language teacher in middle and high school for the past ten years. She has embraced her love of languages through trips and stays abroad. After a warm experience in Bangladesh, she is now living in Qatar.


Francais B

Marie-Laure Delvallée

Marie-Laure Delvallée is Head of Modern Languages and French at St Edward's School in Oxford. She is an experienced Examiner for the IB, as well as an IB workshop leader. She has taught French at the Oxford Study Course (OSC) Intensive Spring Revision Courses and at Cambridge Summer Schools.

Amélie Nadeau

Amélie Nadeau has been teaching IBDP French B in Europe and Asia since 1998. She has worked in Vietnam, China, Czech Republic and is currently working in Thailand as the Whole School Language B Coordinator. She is a Language B workshop leader for the Middle Years and Diploma Program.


English B

Patricia Mertin

Patricia Mertin is an experienced IB English B teacher, presenter and writer. Recently retired from an international school after 20 years teaching in the English as a Second Language (ESL) department, 12 of them as head of department, she continues to be active as an IB examiner, presenter, author and school consultant. Her qualifications include both an MA in language acquisition and a PhD in the effect of culture on second language acquisition.

Pat Janning

Pat Janning is an experienced teacher of English as an additional language and has worked for many years teaching IB English B at an international school. She has presented widely to teachers and conferences and workshops, raising awareness for the needs of learners of English as an additional language and offering strategies for active support in the classroom.