Resources for Parishes and Teachers

For parishes or schools with digital access: if your parish or school is associated with a school board that has purchased the digital resources, your designated Religious Education Consultant will be able to provide you with login credentials for your websites. Click on the button above to sign in to the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ parish or teacher websites.

For parishes or schools without digital access: if your parish or school is located within a school board that has not purchased digital access, please use the resources below.

Sacramental Content

Information on the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, and Reconciliation is seamlessly incorporated into the entire Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ Religious Education program. In grade 4 and above, the other sacraments are introduced. Although the sacramental content of this program is plentiful and diverse, it only reflects the expectations from the Religious Education Policy Document. It is not intended as a standalone or replacement sacramental preparation program, but rather as a way to facilitate the home-school-parish partnership.

In order to facilitate this partnership, sacramental content charts have been prepared for each grade, identifying exactly where and how content related to the sacraments appears.