Grade 7

Organized into 4 units that directly mirror the 4 strands in the new 2007 Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum.

Student Edition

  • The most accessible reading level of any intermediate science resource available.
  • Each unit and chapter follows the “Explore, Develop, Apply” lesson model.
  • Scientific and cross-curricular literacy skills focus is foundational to this resource.
  • Assessment “for, of and as” Learning is purposefully integrated throughout.
  • Easy, fun, inexpensive modifiable labs.

Available in both hardcover student text format, or softcover modular format.

Teacher Resources

This comprehensive resource is available in a complete package, or in modular versions, each including a CD-ROM. The resource includes the following:

  • Various pathways through the resource to support program delivery in a 34 week teaching year.
  • Diagnostic questions are provided to help teachers quickly and easily identify the gaps in content understanding amongst the students. Re teaching support provided.
  • Key Ideas are identified and differentiated lessons provided to support different student learning styles.
  • Assessment for learning supports provided in a chart titled What to Look For/What to Do
  • The entire student resource on CD-ROM to support interactive whiteboard teaching and shared reading opportunities.
  • A complete combined grades teacher resource is also available for 7/8.

Student Success Companion

These consumable resources are shaped to assist struggling students to work through the program with their peers. Designed and authored by intermediate and special education experts, the flexible program can be incorporated on as needed basis.

Developed to introduce and build on the key concepts and skills in the 2007 Science & Technology Ontario Curriculum, the resource provides an entry point for struggling readers (written at 3 grade levels below the student book). The content is explored in the same order as the student book.

Available as a

Pearson eText

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Student Edition (hardcover)
Student Module A: Interactions in the Environment
Student Module B - Structures: Forms and Functions
Student Module C - Pure Substances and Mixtures
Student Module D: Heat in the Environment
Teacher Resource Module A (with CD-ROM)
Teacher Resource Module B (with CD-ROM)
Teacher Resource Module C (with CD-ROM)
Teacher Resource Module D (with CD-ROM)
Teacher's Resource Program Overview
Student Success Companion - Line Master Package (print, CD-ROM & online)
Student Success Companion - Consumable Student Workbook
Image Bank and Shared Reading Selections
Extra Practice and Test Generator CD-ROM
ScienceSource Plus