Dr. Stuart Shanker is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology at York University and CEO of The MEHRIT Centre Ltd. (TMC). Dr. Shanker’s framework and method for supporting self-regulation by understanding and addressing stress, energy, and tension have sparked a revolution in how educators think about children’s behaviour and learning. His books Calm Alert and Learning, and Self-Reg have had a profound influence on teachers and school administrators across Canada and around the world.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre (TMC), is an experienced, passionate educator who has worked in all areas of education over the last two decades. She strongly believes in the potential of every child, and that the wellbeing of all educators should be a top priority for schools today. Under her leadership, TMC has grown into a dynamic, multifaceted worldwide centre for learning how to support children’s self-regulation in schools and families via Shanker Self-Reg®. Susan has been instrumental in the development of TMC’s successful online Self-Reg courses and has given Self-Reg presentations and worked in partnership with schools and communities across   Canada and beyond.