Table of Contents

1. Building a Classroom Ecosystem of Energy and Engagement
2. Getting to Know Your Learners
3. Knowledge Is Power: Teaching Children the Constellations of Stances
4. Using Guided Inquiry to Teach the Stances
5. Self-Talk: Creating Habits of Resilience by Teaching Productive Inner Dialogue
6. Using Small Groups to Teach Productive Self-Talk
7. Storytelling: Harnessing the Power of Narratives to Shape Identity
8. Using Storytelling to Build Positive Mental Pathways
9. Goals: Creating Just-Right Goals to Drive Growth
10. Using Conferences to Create Growth-Oriented Goals
11. Reflection: The Engine of Growth in Life and Learning 
12. Using Whole-Class Conversations to Build Habits of Constructive Reflection

A. Books, Books, and More Books
About Building a Positive Classroom Culture
About Play
About Workshop Teaching
About Building Independence
About Learning Sequences
About Teachers as Researchers
About the Flow of Conferring
B. Note-Taking Form for Whole-Class Conversations
C. Kid Watching Form
D. Conferring Sheet with Goals 
E. Books for Children That Celebrate the Constellation of Stances