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Spark Reading
Grades K-9

Ignite literacy learning with exceptional books, personalization tools, and teaching/learning supports.

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Levelled Books

Grades K-9

With over 850 titles to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

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Indigenous Perspectives

Grades 1-8

Integrating these levelled books into your literacy program will enrich all students with Indigenous perspectives.

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Celebrate Canada

Celebrate Canada
Grades 1-3

Build up the Canadian content in your classroom with levelled books that highlight Canada from coast to coast.

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Smithsonian STEAM Readers
Grades K-5

Build literacy skills while inspiring curiosity, perseverance, and wonder about the world.

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Time for Kids Nonfiction
Grades K-7

Motivate and engage students with high-interest, nonfiction readers featuring content and photographs from TIME for Kids® magazine

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Grades K - 6

Rooted in academic research and best practices, co-created with classroom teachers, and underpinned by a practical Canadian mathematics learning progression.

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FSL Resources

Access for Success
Grades K - 12

Educational text to address the diverse needs of today’s language learners in Canada.

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FSL Resources

Languages for All
Grades K - 12

Providing second- language teachers with the philosophy, inspiration, and practical guidance on how to effectively employ adaptive, differentiated, and inclusive instruction for diverse student needs.

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Grades K-9

Browse the print version of Spark titles!

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Professional Resources

Grades K-12

Browse our top picks for educators! Get inspired with new strategies and best practices for engaging your students

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