English A: Literature – NEW Edition!

This comprehensive textbook and eBook have been written by practising IB teachers for the 2019 English A syllabus, for first assessments in 2021. It features clearly differentiated content for Standard and Higher Level students and clear and accessible English that makes it ideal for EAL students. 

  • Key terms from the 2019 English A Subject Guide explained and highlighted, including Concepts, Areas of Exploration and Global Issues.
  • Carefully selected, up-to-date texts to inspire learners, with chapter insight summaries.
  • Activities to help strengthen appreciation and understanding of different works, highlighting intertextual connections.
  • Clear learning objectives and links to Theory of Knowledge throughout.
  • Detailed support for assessments, including the Higher Level Essay and Extended Essay guidance. 

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Free study pack - perfect for distance learning!

Put together by experienced IB English A teachers, find ready-to-use activities that are designed specifically for the new English A course, using content from our new textbook and additional resources that will help at-home students connect with you, each other, and the literature they study

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