Developed for first teaching in 2019, our four new Mathematics Diploma titles fully support the new IB Mathematics Guide. Written for both new routes by IB experts you can be sure these standard level and higher level titles fully support the new Maths Guide:

  • Analysis and Approaches  - Standard Level and Higher Level
  • Applications and Interpretation  - Standard Level and Higher Level
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We have put together this handy five-minute guide to help guide you through the changes.

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The New IB Mathematics Diploma Guide

Find out everything you need to know about the changes to the IB Diploma Mathematics Subject Guide in 2019 in our handy 5-minute guide.

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  • Authoring team of experienced IB teachers, workshop leaders, and former Chief, Deputy and Assistant examiners and moderators: Tim Garry, Ibrahim Wazir, Jim Nakamoto, Kevin Frederick, Bryan Landman and Stephen Lumb. 
  • Additional integrated digital content including GeoGebra applets created specifically for the course.
  • All syllabus content clearly and thoroughly explained.
  • Worked examples to help students tackle questions. 
  • Practice questions from past papers to help students prepare for exams. 
  • Rich and wide-ranging chapter on Mathematics in Theory of Knowledge, written by a highly experienced TOK examiner. 
  • Guidance on Internal Assessment.
  • Standard Level and Higher Level textbooks to ensure every student has the content they need for their learning journey.


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