Why Did We Develop Financial Literacy 9?

The new British Columbia Mathematics curriculum for Grade 9 includes Financial Literacy. To support you and other teachers in the classroom, Pearson is publishing a package of resources created and tested by British Columbia teachers that specifically addresses the new Financial Literacy Learning Outcomes. The package is a stand-alone module and is expected to take approximately 12 hours or 19 hours to complete, depending on the Scenario chosen.

Students will learn about various aspects involved in financial literacy and complete one or two Project-Based Learning Simulations. The first one addresses managing work and school aspects of life, while trying to maintain a balanced budget and contribute to their savings goals. In the second simulation, students extend their project-based learning to include aspects involved in moving out on their own, owning a vehicle, and other real-life expenses, while still maintaining a balanced budget and savings goals.

What is Financial Literacy 9?

Financial Literacy 9 is comprised of three components, a Student Work Text, on-line simulations and a Teacher Resource Guide. These three components work together to support you as you teach Financial Literacy in the following ways:

  • “Just enough” support for the new Financial Literacy Outcomes: please watch the following short Program Overview Video as we walk you through the components of Financial Literacy 9 

  • Tried and tested in the classroom for over 7 years: BC authors Jason Elder, Amanda Trenholme, and Patrick Erickson teach at Constable Neil Bruce Middle School in School District #23. They have perfected Financial Literacy 9 over 7 years so that it is practical and easy for you to implement in your Grade 9 Math classroom.
  • Increased Student Engagement:In two ways
    • Embedded QR Codes in Student Work Text link students directly to simulations on-line to help support use of personal devices
    • Authentic Project-based on-line simulations help students learn about budgeting and goal-setting in real-time. Please watch the following videos on our Random Generator Questionnaire and Transaction Statement Generator to learn more about how student choice and voice is supported.

  • Supports Personalized Learning: The student website provides your students will real-time feedback to help them plan, learn and reflect on their choices. Please watch the following short video on Financial Progress and Savings Graph Generator

  • Saves Teacher Prep Time: The student website contains self-marking assessments and the Student Work Text contains opportunities for on-going student self-reflection. Please watch the following short video on our embedded Digital Marking Sheet. 

  • Economical: Financial Literacy 9 rests easily on top of your current Math 9 classroom resource allowing you to work with resources you already have available to you. The student website comes free with the purchase of the Student Work Text.

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