Cathy Marks Krpan

Cathy Marks Krpan, Ph.D. teaches courses in the Initial Teacher Education Program and graduate program at the Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. Cathy is passionate about seeing students learn—all students! And at the core of this passion lies a deep belief in the power of communication as an essential tool to enhance understanding, improve problem solving, and create a community of learners. Based on her research with diverse student populations, and her classroom experiences as an educator and student, Cathy believes that at the heart of all equitable math classrooms is the empowerment of student voices. It is her hope that all students will have the opportunity to share their insights and be part of a supportive mathematical community in which they feel comfortable taking risks and conducting mathematical investigations.

Cathy’s many speaking engagements and consultations across North America have provided her with numerous opportunities to collaborate and learn from students, teachers, and administrators alike. Her research over the past ten years has focused on student communication, graphic organizers, and the development of metacognition and collaboration skills. In addition, she is currently investigating teaching strategies to assist English Language Learners and those who struggle in mathematics. Since her research is field-based, she continues to collaborate closely with students and teachers in the field.

On February 21, 2021, Cathy received the 2021 Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award Recognizing Innovation and Excellence in Mathematics Education from The Fields Institute. The Institute writes “Supporters of Dr. Marks Krpan’s nomination noted her affirmation that any student can engage in deep and complex mathematics. Some of the innovative research she has undertaken include her work with elementary school teachers around mathematical argumentation and proof, which are rooted in theory while still providing practical support, thus allowing teachers to bring rich mathematical experiences into their classrooms” 

Cathy is also the recipient of several OISE Student Union Initial Teacher Education Teaching Awards. She has also been nominated for the OISE Award for Excellence in Initial Teacher Education, 2011, 2012. Dr. Marks Krpan has authored numerous publications, including The Write Math, My Math Journal, BoldPrint books, and a set of math readers, co-authored with Larry Swartz, which received the 2006 American Teachers’ Choice Award.

In her current book, Teaching Math With Meaning, Cathy believes that through competency-based learning, students and teachers alike can deepen their mathematical understanding and share and impart that knowledge in and out of the math classroom. Teaching Math With Meaning takes a practical approach to embedding this deep learning in K to Grade 8 mathematics classrooms.

Should you wish to continue the dialogue beyond the pages of this book, or inquire about keynote, consultation, and/or workshop opportunities, you can contact Cathy at