Engagement through critical thinking

Live Ink pulls students out of silence. It hooks them with topics that matter to them. It compels them to think. It ignites discussion with highly engaging inquiry questions.

Engagement through format and design

Live Ink fits comfortably into a student’s world. It offers a robust blend of print and digital content. There is variety and choice. It allows students to access content in ways that are familiar and preferred. There’s an edge to the design that mirrors what they see in the media.

Engagement through success

Frustration kills engagement. Live Ink has built-in literacy supports so students don’t get to that point. It provides effective tools and strategies to support learning and, ultimately, success.

Engagement by connection

Live Ink fits well with what you’re already doing. It can complement or contrast. It can expand a topic or strengthen a theme. It can add a contemporary spin to a classic piece. There are countless ways to use Live Ink, but the outcome is the same: students will have a deeper understanding of those big ideas you want them to take away from your class.