eText FAQs

What is an eText?

eText is a Pearson platform where we host the eBooks for our International Baccalaureate resources. An eBook is an electronic version of the printed textbook, allowing teachers and learners to access the content on their mac, PC, iPad or Android tablet.

Our eBooks are hosted on our own platform as it gives us the flexibility to make changes to our books quickly and respond swiftly to customer feedback. Functionality of eText includes highlighting, search, bookmarking and notes, plus access to additional resources.

You have 4 years’ prepaid access to the online eText with each printed textbook purchase, with the eText typically going live a few weeks after the print book publishes. Your access begins from the day you activate your eText.


How to get started

Where do I find my access code?
Where a printed book includes the eText, there is a scratch-off panel inside the front cover with an access code. Use a coin to scratch off the coating and reveal your unique access code.

If you have purchased a standalone eText, it will be delivered to you on a printed access card. Follow the instructions on the card to activate.

Activating your eText
To access your eText for the first time, you will need to register online using a computer with an internet connection and you will also need a valid email address. The process takes a couple of minutes and only needs to be completed once:

  • Go to:
  • Click the register button.
  • On the registration page, enter your access code found beneath the scratch-off panel. Do not type the dashes.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. If you need help at any time during the online registration process, simply click the help? icon.
  • After you have registered, you will receive on-screen confirmation and an email containing your log in details.

Setting up accounts for your students
As your eText lasts for 4 years, you want the ability to allocate it to multiple cohorts. Set up each eText account using a unique email address and password that you can control and issue to the next cohort. Make sure you remember/record the log in details for each eText, and make sure this information is passed onto another member of staff if you move on.

Download your step-by-step setup guide for more information.

Changing cohorts
Your new cohort will need the eText usernames and passwords from your last cohort. This is why it is important that you control and make note of the unique usernames and passwords for each of your activated eText licences. Change the passwords before handing over to your new cohort for a fresh start.

How do I change my details?
Please go to 'Edit Account settings' or use the following link to update your details. 

Customer service support
If you are experiencing difficulties with your eText administration, you can access our 24-hour Customer Technical Support site at


Important information

Can I access the eText as a PDF with no internet connection?
Yes you can download each chapter of the eText as a PDF. You must log in to the eText and have an internet connection to download from the launch page of each chapter to your PC/laptop. You will have offline access from now on. Please note that these PDFs cannot be printed or copied.

My eText code is damaged, can I have a new one?

Yes. Email with your invoice number or other proof of purchase as well as a photo of the damaged code and we will email you a new code.

Can I access the eText on a tablet?
Yes, you can access our eTexts on a range of iOS and Android devices (accessible via Google Play only).

Where can I find additional resources?

Additional content, such as worksheets, quizzes, answers, videos and animations, can be found within the eText for selected titles. Select “Additional Resources” from the “Content Manager” menu at the top left of the toolbar.

You will also find all the free, downloadable resources that accompany our textbooks by clicking on the 'Free Resources' in the left hand navigation on the website subject pages. (Please note, there are currently not free resources available for every subject).  

Is there separate access for students and teachers?

No, students and teachers share the same access point into the eText.

How many people can use an eText access code at once?

1 eText access code gives access to 1 user at a time.