Mental Math and Computational Strategies (K-6)

To develop mental math computation strategies teachers need to encourage students to explain how they arrived at their answers and discuss the strategies with other students. Developing number sense refers to an understanding of number concepts and operations, including the ability to make flexible mathematical judgements by applying useful strategies. Emphasizing mental computation supports effective numeracy and reinforces the importance of mental math as an essential skill in our daily lives.

K-6 teachers, math coaches


  • Review the research about the importance of developing mental math strategies
  • Foster students' disposition to encourage mental math and flexible problem solving
  • Understand the difference between procedural application and conceptual understanding 
  • Deepen understanding of the power of visualization
  • Develop a strategic mind-set in teaching mental math computation to students

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$129 per person or $164 per person including associated print PD resource

Number of Participants
30 to 50 

Delivery Method
Face to Face

Length of course
One Day


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