Continuum of Literacy Learning: A Guide to Developing and Connecting Assessment and Literacy Instruction (K-8)

This workshop provides an introduction to The Continuum and how it can be used to design literacy goals and plan instruction for individuals, small groups, and the whole class. Discover how The Continuum can be used as a bridge in connecting assessment data with the teaching and learning cycle. The Continuum serves as a guide for evaluating student progress over time, and identifying focused instructional strategies to support students’ needs.

Designed for K-8 classroom teachers, Literacy Coaches, Literacy Specialists, Resource Teachers, Literacy Consultants


  • Learn how to use assessment data to inform teaching strategies
  • Discuss research behind effective literacy practices developed by Fountas and Pinnell
  • Plan instruction for individuals, small group, whole class, based on student needs
  • Identify criteria for selecting appropriate texts, text analysis, and text characteristics to support readers K-8
  • Explore the development of skills and strategies specific to the writer's craft, conventions, and writing process
  • Systems of Thinking - behaviors and understandings to notice, teach, and support in getting students to think within, beyond, and about text and how these understandings shift over time

Course Fee and Number of Participants
Contact your Account Executive for PD Delivery options and pricing - maximum number of participants 50.

Delivery Method
Face to Face

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