Multi-Representation: Teaching Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions (Grades 8-11)

This workshop will provide you with the foundations for understanding and teaching linear, quadratic, and exponential equations and functions through the use of multi-representational models. You will explore strategies to deepen conceptual and procedural knowledge.


Senior High school Math Teachers, Grades 8-11


  • Participants will discuss and explore the teaching of quadratic, and exponential functions for deep understanding, not just symbolic manipulation.
  • Give guidance to help students identify meaningful strategies
  • Provide strategies to help students to identify and remedy their misconceptions and reconstruct their thinking 
  • Experience a multi-representational lesson, analyze the lesson approach, and construct other lessons following that model.
  • Co-construct assessment items that demonstrate and reflect a multi-representational understanding of exponential functions.

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$129 per person, 30 to 50 participants

Delivery Method
Face to Face

Length of Course
One Day

Length of Course
One Day