Table of Contents

Exploring Revolutions

  • Types of Revolutions
  • Wheels of Change in the Modern Age
  • Using the Elements of Critical Thinking

UNIT 1: Colonialism and Conflict

UNIT QUESTION: How did early European colonization influence the development of Canada?

Chapter 1: Contact, Conflict, and Cooperation
CHAPTER FOCUS QUESTION: What resulted from European interest in North America?

  • Who were the First Nations of eastern North America?
  • Why did Europeans first travel to North America?
  • What resulted from Champlain’s efforts to start a colony?
  • How did France expand its control in North America?
  • How did a new identity develop in New France?
  • Zoom In Life on a Seigneury
  • Building Your Skills Analyzing Satellite Images
  • Looking Back… Contact, Conflict, and Cooperation

Chapter 2: The Struggle for a Continent
CHAPTER FOCUS QUESTION: How did imperialism shape North America?

  • How does place shape a people’s identity?
  • How did the Hudson’s Bay Company expand the fur trade?
  • Zoom In Let’s Make a Deal
  • How did the North West Company expand the fur trade?
  • Building Your Skills Assessing the Role of Geography in Trade?
  • How extensive was the impact of the fur trade?
  • Revolutions Natural Resource Industries
  • How did the fur trade open western Canada to change?
  • Looking Back… The Fur Trade North and West
  • Unit 1 Activity

UNIT 2: Democracy and the Modern World

UNIT QUESTION: How did the revolutions in England, America, and France lead to modern democracy?

Chapter 4: The Fight for Democracy and the English Civil War
CHAPTER FOCUS QUESTION: What basic democratic rights were won as a result of the Civil War in England?

  • How did a changing relationship with Britain lead the Thirteen Colonies to revolution?
  • What were the causes of dissatisfaction in the colonies?
  • Building Your Skills Using a Historical Pamphlet as a Primary Source
  • How did revolution lead the colonies toward independence?
  • Zoom In Branding the Revolution
  • How did the American Revolution change British North America?
  • Looking Back… The American Revolution and British North America

Chapter 6: Revolution in France
CHAPTER FOCUS QUESTION: How did the French Revolution contribute to modern ideas of democracy?

  • How did agricultural change set the stage for the Industrial Revolution?
  • How did work and technology change during the Industrial Revolution?
  • Zoom In Fabric Goes High-Tech
  • How did the Industrial Revolution affect British society?
  • How did British society respond to the Industrial Revolution?
  • Revolutions Worker Protests
  • Building Your Skills Taking Action Co-operatively
  • Looking Back…The Industrial Revolution

Chapter 8: The Napoleonic Era
CHAPTER FOCUS QUESTION: What is the legacy of the Napoleonic era?

  • What was life like in Upper Canada before 1812?
  • What factors contributed to the War of 1812?
  • What were the key events and people in the War of 1812?
  • Zoom In American Reminders of the War
  • What were the key outcomes of the War of 1812 for Canada?
  • Revolutions The War of 1812: Yesterday and Today
  • Looking Back… Canada and the War of 1812
  • Unit 3 Activity

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