Table of Contents

Grade 4 - Using Essentially Science and Technology

An Effective Science and Technology Program

What is most important about the three goals and related expectations of the Science and
Technology Curriculum?

How can you facilitate the growth of scientific inquiry and technological problem solving skills
and knowledge?

How can you appropriately address environmental education?


Managing Science and Technology in Your Classroom

Materials and Equipment
What materials will you need to teach Science and Technology?

How can you organize the materials that the students are using?

Group Work
How do you set up and manage groups of students doing activities?

What do you do with the student who . . . ?

What is the role of task cards in this resource?

How do you organize the task cards for convenient use?

How do you develop a culture of safety in the classroom?

Student Record Keeping and Reporting
Where should students keep their written records?

How can you use student journals/logs as a formative assessment tool?

How can you use modeling to help students improve their Science and Technology record keeping skills?

Why are both records and reports important aspects of a Science and Technology program?


Assessing and Evaluating Student Learning

Why do you assess?

What do you assess?

How do you assess?

How can you keep track of assessment data?

How can you use assessment data when preparing report cards?


Managing an Active Science and Technology Program With a Combined Grade Class

How is the curriculum similar across the grades?

How does the curriculum differ from one grade to another?

How does this impact the design of learning events?

How does cross-curricular learning help?


Addressing The Curriculum


Exploring Matter and Energy


The Learning Events

#1 Observing Carefully and Activating Prior Knowledge

#2 Observing and Inferring

#3 Is That a Fair Test?

#4 Making Accurate Measurements

#5 Designing for a Purpose

#6 Observation, Interpretation and Inference

#7 Observe and Record

#8 Try, Try, and Try Again

#9 Technology Challenge

#10 Making Informed Decisions

#11 Show What You Know

#12 Celebrating, Reflecting and Communicating



Skills Chart

Learning Chart

Achievement Chart