Now Trillium-listed for Canadian and World Issues, Grade 12 (CGW4U)!

  • Appropriate reading level, comprehensive skill development, text layout, and organization
  • Four-colour format with updated visuals, web links, and revised topics that provide the most up-to-date coverage of issues that matter to teachers and students
  • A focus on Globalization and Sustainability to address recent Ontario Ministry of Education environmental initiatives
  • Issues-focused case studies and current events features provide rigorous, yet engaging means for students to practice required skills
  • Updated Data Disk includes a general purpose statistical database using over 200 countries and 80 data fields including demographic, economic, and environmental information (included in Teacher Resource)
  • Worldwide data on energy production and use, including oil trade statistics
  • Customizable MS Word files for each of the nine GIS activities are included in the Teacher Resource with printable instructions

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