Written with a single author voice, By the People seeks to spark students’ interest in historical inquiry through an integrated social and political history narrative.

  • Gives attention to periodization, organizing the past to foster historical understanding of how history actually unfolds and the ways in which people living through an era experience it. The text is organized into nine parts that correlate to the periodization of the new AP U.S. History Curriculum Framework.
  • Uses a narrative approach that covers the essential core content of U.S. history, integrating stories that allow students to learn some aspects more deeply and ponder material more critically.
  • Tells the story of U.S. history by examining the relationship of the U.S. to the rest of the world, noting not only the impact of the American experience on other nations and cultures, but also the impact of those cultures on the U.S., whether that impact be through immigration, the world wide exchange of ideas through media and commerce, or official foreign policy.
  • Highlights the diversity of the American people as an essential element in the nation’s history.
  • Incorporates extensive AP content and pedagogy:
    • A correlation to the AP U.S. History topic outline’s Key Concepts and Themes opens each part of the text.
    • Full AP® Test Prep exam at the end of each part that includes multiple-choice questions, a document-based question, and a free response question.
    • A chapter-based pedagogical structure designed to improve historical thinking skills and foster student engagement and success on the AP exam.
  • Accompanied by AP® MyHistoryLab with eText, an online resource correlated to the text that includes extensive collection of historical sources, assessment, and writing activities.

Visit the College Board’s AP Central Web site for the new AP United States History Curriculum Framework.