A digital literacy title that explores the War of 1812 from a First Nations perspective.


The Ruptured Sky delivers insight into the vital role played by First Nations in the outcome of the War of 1812. Without First Nations participation, the British military and the Canadian militia would have lost. Canada, as we know it today, would be a very different place. If not for the First Nations allies, key battles would not have been won and Canada’s borders would have been invaded by American forces.

First Nations warriors fought with great ferocity, outstanding bravery, and remarkable cunning. They determined the outcome for British North America in important battles such as the taking of Fort Detroit, the Battle of River Canard, Queenston Heights, Beaver Dams, the blockade of Fort George, and the Battle at Crysler’s Farm, to name some. The purpose of the Ruptured Sky is to explore some key people, places, and events from a First Nations perspective; to attempt to understand how this conflict affected them at the time; and how the repercussions of those actions still echo today.