Margit McGuire's words are as true now as they were for the first edition of Tarry Lindquist's chronicle of 12 years of teaching, using social studies as the framework. Since that time, citizenship and decision making for the public good are topics that are more important than ever. Social studies has taken on greater significance as today's teachers and students interact with worthwhile content in a meaningful way. Tarry's new second edition describes a child-centered classroom where students can expose and explore critical content and connect their learning to the real world. Included among the new features are:
  • Teacher's Notebook: how to develop reading and writing skills using social studies resources and content
  • Tarry's Teaching Tips: organizational decisions for building a democratic classroom
  • How It Worked for Me: brief accounts from teachers across the country who have used Tarry's ideas
  • Kinesthetic organizers: imagery as well as linguistic supports that help students better recall knowledge
  • Standards and assessment: a new look at today's classroom
  • Best practices and the latest brain research applied throughout the book
  • Expanded and updated references.
Whether you are an elementary, middle school, or pre-service teacher, use Tarry Lindquist's strategies to make social studies concepts, issues, and themes the basis of your day.