Features and Benefits

Keep Students Engaged with Active Learning Tools

  • NEW! Doing Geography and the accompanying What’s Your Geography features discuss geographic tools, techniques, and skills used to address real-world problems, and then ask students to put themselves in the role of geographers by applying these skills and techniques to their real-world experiences and environments, thereby connecting the global to the local, and helping students connect the relevance of human geography to their everyday lives.
  • NEW! Debate It presents two sides of a complex topic using a two-column pro vs. con format to help engage students in active debate and decision-making. Debate It can be used for homework, group work, and discussions.
  • NEW! GeoVideo activities integrate BBC videos at the end of chapters, encouraging students to log into MasteringGeography to view the videos and answer questions; these video clips can also be assigned for credit.
  • UPDATED! GIS and spatial analysis examples interwoven throughout the text, spotlight the currency and professional relevance of geographic applications.
  • UPDATED! Sustainability & Our Environment relates the principal topics of human geography to issues of sustainability.

Solid Pedagogical Features

  • UPDATED! The latest science, statistics, and associated imagery. Data sources include the 2015 Population Reference Bureau World Population Data and the 2015 United Nations Human Development Report. Recent world political events are covered, including the rise of the Islamic State, Russia’s takeover of Crimea, and the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • NEW! and REVISED! Cartography. All maps have been thoroughly updated and optimized for maximum accuracy and clear presentation of current data. New projections are used with fewer distortions. New cartograms and other graphic devices have also been added.
  • UPDATED! Key Issues and Learning Outcomes highlight the main points of the chapter and identify the skills and knowledge students should gain from each section.
  • UPDATED! Pause and Reflect questions are mapped to Learning Outcomes and allow students to check their understanding as they read each section.
  • UPDATED! Check Ins summarize the main points of each Key Issue section.

UPDATED! End-of-Chapter material includes reviews of Key Issues and Learning Outcomes, visual Thinking Geographically review questions, new GeoVideo activities, Explore activities using Google Earth, and Key Term definitions.

Test Prep Workbook for AP®Human Geography

Written specifically to accompany the AP® Edition of The Cultural Landscape, this workbook includes a correlation between the AP curriculum topics and goals and the corresponding key issues of each chapter, study strategies and test taking tips, and two complete AP® practice exams. Available for purchase.