Table of Contents

1 This Is Geography
1.1 Why Is Geography a Science?
1.2 Why Is Every Place Unique?
1.3 Why Are Different Places Similar?
1.4 Why Are Some Actions Not Sustainable?

2 Population & Health
2.1 Where Are People Distributed?
2.2 Why is Population Increasing?
2.3 Why Does Health Vary by Region?
2.4 Why Might Population Change in the Future?

3 Migration
3.1 Where Are Migrants Distributed?
3.2 Where Do People Migrate Within Countries?
3.3 Why Do People Migrate?
3.4 Why Do Migrants Face Challenges?

4 Culture & Social Media
4.1 Where Are Culture Groups Distributed?
4.2 Where Are Leisure & Material Culture Distributed?
4.3 Why Is Access to Culture Unequal?
4.4 Why Do Cultures Face Sustainability Challenges?

5 Languages
5.1 Where Are Languages Distributed?
5.2 Why Do Languages Diffuse?
5.3 Why Do Languages Vary Among Places?
5.4 Why Do Languages Survive or Perish?

6 Religions
6.1 Where Are Religions Distributed?
6.2 Why Do Religions Have Distinctive Distributions?
6.3 Why Do Religions Organize Space in Specific Patterns?
6.4 Why Do Territorial Conflicts Arise Among Religious Groups?

7 Ethnicities
7.1 Where Are Ethnicities Distributed?
7.2 Why Do Ethnicities Have Distinctive Distributions?
7.3 Why Might Ethnicities Face Conflicts?
7.4 Why Do Ethnic Cleansing & Genocide Occur?

8 Political Geography
8.1 Where Are States Distributed?
8.2 Why Are States Challenging to Create?
8.3 Why Do States Face Threats?
8.4 Why Do States Have Distinctive Geographic Structure?

9 Food & Agriculture
9.1 Why Do People Consume Different Foods?
9.2 Where Did Agriculture Originate?
9.3 Where Is Agriculture Distributed?
9.4 Why Do Farmers Face Sustainability Challenges?

10 Development
10.1 Why Does Development Vary Among Countries?
10.2 Where Are Inequalities in Development Distributed?
10.3 Why Do Countries Face Development Challenges?
10.4 Why Are Countries Able to Make Progress in Development?

11 Industry & Energy
11.1 Where Is Industry Distributed?
11.2 Why Do Industries Face Energy Challenges?
11.3 Why Do Industries Face Pollution Challenges?
11.4 Why Are Industries Changing Locations?
12 Services & Settlements
12.1 Where Are Services Distributed?
12.2 Where Are Consumer Services Distributed?
12.3 Where Are Business Services Distributed?
12.4 Why Do Services Cluster in Settlements?

13 Urban Patterns
13.1 Why Are Cities Challenging to Define?
13.2 Where Are People Distributed in Urban Areas?
13.3 Why Do Urban Areas Expand?
13.4 Why Might Cities Be More Sustainable?

Summary & Review
Afterword: Careers in Geography
Appendix: Map Scale and Projections
Map Index