Table of Contents

Ackknowledgements iii
Welcome to Sourcebook vi
Using the Sourcebook vii
Using Historical Thinking viii
Using the Social Studies Inquiry Process x
Using Geographic Thinking xii
Doing Sourcework-An Excample xiv

Chapter 1: Revolution and Change
The Industrial Revolution 4
The French Revolution 8
The Metis at Red River 14
Technology in the Great War 20

Chapter 2: Imperialism and Colonialism
Women in the Fur Trade 26
The Legacy of the Seven Years War 30
Maritime Trade at Nootka Sound 33
Consequences of the Indian Act 39

Chapter 3: Migration and Shifting Populations
Loyalist Settlement in Canada 46
The Immigrant Experience in the 1800s 50
The Last Best West 55

Chapter 4: Nationalism and Nation-Building
The American Revolution 64
Klondike Gold Rush 68
Confederation 72
Canadian Pacific Railway 76

Chapter 5: Regional and Global Conflicts
The Canadian National Vimy Memorial 84
Fraser Canyon War 90
Conflict and Change in China 96
American Civil War 102

Chapter 6: Injustices and Rights
Anti-Asian Sentiment 108
Komagata Maru Incident 112
Women's Suffrage Movement 118
Vancouver Island Coal Mine Strikes 124

Chapter 7: Land and People
Traditional Territories of First Peoples in Canada 132
Geographic Characteristics of Canada 138
Climate Change in Canada 141