Reach every learner with Points de connexion!

With its focus on differentiation, Points ce connexion will help you reach every student in your Grade 9 Academic and Applied classes to improve their communication skills in French.

Language and content are mapped to the CEFR:

  • Action-oriented, context embedded tasks
  • Spiraling of vocabulary throughout
  • Units are function driven

Language is AUTHENTIC:

  • Real language used by teens
  • Texts used to inspire authentic communication
  • A variety of texts to explore
  • Texts reflect the digital reality of students
  • Topics addressed students' interests

Language is learned through INDUCTIVE and DEDUCTIVE discovery:

  • Metacognitive thinking and reflection
  • Promotes autonomy 

DIFFERENTIATED PATHS are provided throughout the resource:

  • With differentiated activities to support students who need support, challenge, and more independence.
  • Options for student and teacher choice.

Culture is INTEGRATED into the fabric of all texts.

  • Making connections with Francophone teen cultures and our students’.
  • Making connections with Francophone communities around the world.
  • Connecting language and culture

Students are supported with explicit focus on strategy use

  • Students are guided to try a variety of language learning strategies
  • Students are given opportunities to be autonomous by offering their own strategies

Sample Video: Une fin de semaine en pleine nature