This highly anticipated anthology provides unparalleled preparation for the revised Advanced Placement Spanish Literature and Culture Examination being administered in May 2013, including all required literature selections.

Textbook Organization
The textbook contains an outstanding introductory section with three parts: (1) information on literary history and cultural periods; (2) the characteristics of the different genres and (3) critical approaches to literature.

The literature is presented in six thematic chapters that correspond to the Themes in the College Board Framework.

I.    Pluralismo étnico y desigualdad económica y social
II.   Machismo y feminismo
III.  Tiempo y espacio
IV.   Las relaciones interpersonales y sociales
V.    La agonía de la existencia y la dualidad del ser
VI.   La imaginación y la creación literaria

Chapter Organization

A brief essay on the topic followed by Essential Questions precedes each chapter. The chapters contain the appropriate selections from the AP List as well as other important works of literature that expand upon the theme.  All texts are complete and unabridged.  The extensive pre- and post-reading selections expand language proficiency across a full range of language skills while introducing students to literary analysis.

Program Components

Student Edition (hardcover)
The AP® Edition provides complete support for the new Spanish Literature and Culture Examination. The six units are organized around the Framework themes and include all the required selections plus additional optional selections that expand upon the theme. Students are provided with an in-depth overview of the theme and extensive pre- and post-reading support for each selection.

Instructor’s Resource Manual and Testing Program
The IRM provides background information on the themes, teaching tips, and Student Edition answers. The Testing Program includes six chapter tests that focus on preparing students for the exam.

Audio Program
Links for audio resources that will support the themes and context in the programs are provided online. Details to access is provided within the Instructor's Manual and also listed in the preface of the text.