The second edition of this highly praised all-Spanish anthology introduces students to modern Hispanic literature presented in universal themes that connect with today’s learners.  Students communicate about issues that touch them personally while expanding their vocabulary and grammar skills, all connected to the theme, the literature selection, and the author’s body of work. The writers in the anthology include Borges, Neruda, Cortázar, Unamuno, Matute, García Márquez, Esquivel, García Lorca, Allende, Guillén, Machado, Storni, Alegría, Zamora, Curis, Ibarbourou, and Nervo.

The second edition offers new literary selections in Chapters 10 and 12. Chapter 10 includes three new poems: “La poesía” by Neruda, “Proverbios y cantares, XXIX” by Machado, and “Peso ancestral” by Storni.  Chapter 12 now includes an excerpt from Las ruinas circulares by Borges. In addition, each chapter contains a new Integración section that includes listening, speaking, writing, and additional Standards-based activities.  The second edition provides extensive online practice on the Companion Web Site at