Fully Alive DVD

The NEW DVD for Grades 1-8, includes:

  • Three Bishops speak about the long history and ongoing commitment of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario to Family Life Education.
    • Bishop Bergie, Chair of the ACBO Education Commission, speaking at the June 2011 CARFLEO Conference
    • Bishop Durocher, member of the ACBO Education Commission, speaking with parents about the challenges of raising children and the support Fully Alive offers them.
    • Archbishop Gervais, former Chair of the Fully Alive Editorial Board, speaking about the origins and history of development of Fully Alive.
  • Videos of actual teachers using Fully Alive with their students. Primary, junior, and intermediate classes are shown.
  • Doctor Sylvia Santin, General Editor of Fully Alive, Patrick Gallagher, Publisher of Fully Alive, speak about the history, components, structure, features, and practices of Fully Alive.


Fully Alive Professional DVD