Providing a concise but comprehensive survey of all matters pertaining to drawing the human figure, this well-illustrated and accurate guide demonstrates the interplay of structure, anatomy, design, and expression in sound figure drawing. This text shows how the integration of these four factors is essential in drawing the figure in a compelling and lucid manner.



  • NEW- Works by contemporary artists Allows students to see works by contemporary artists that illustrate important points in the text.
  • Glossary—Provides an efficient way of learning or remembering terms from the text. Enables students to more easily understand certain terms.
  • The interactive nature of four factors—Stresses the interplay between Structure, Anatomy, Design, and Expression.
  • Assists students in drawing the figure better.
  • A generous number of old and contemporary master drawings.
  • Provides students with a wide variety of styles and techniques of drawing.
  • Enables instructors to show their classes important examples of various approaches to drawing the figure.
  • An analysis of the surface structure of forms.
  • Provides students with an in-depth discussion of this topic, one that other texts treat lightly or even ignore.
  • A variety of “Suggested Exercises” included at the end of each chapter.
  • Gives students practice that reinforces important concepts.