You’ve decided it’s time for something different. A new way to teach mathematics and science that supports higher achievement in all students. And that means rethinking how you provide teacher professional development. Sounds like a tough task, but you’ve got a guide to doing it right. Mathematics and Science for a Change collects the wisdom of successful initiatives into one concise guide to making successful change.
Mathematics and Science for a Changedescribes the lessons learned by effective National Science Foundation–funded Local Systemic Change programs. Iris Weiss and Joan Pasley support your initiative with key practices drawn from a careful examination of more than ten years of case histories and data. With their observations, you’ll:
  • lay the groundwork for change by diagnosing your building or district needs and establishing a vision for high-quality mathematics and science instruction that is consistent with national standards
  • design professional development that achieves your goals by deepening teacher content knowledge, modeling best-practice instruction, and encouraging more productive assessments
  • launch and sustain your professional development model by identifying, preparing, and supporting PD providers then uncovering and nurturing leadership among your staff
  • bolster your improvement effort by enlisting key school or district leaders, partnering with the mathematics and science community outside your system, and engaging the support of parents.
Weiss and Pasley fill Mathematics and Science for a Change with on-the-ground advice and the specific strategies of top initiatives around the country. Everything in their book helps you smoothly meet the most important objective of any change program: helping every student learn mathematics and science better.