You have culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students in your classroom. Some or all are underachieving. You’re told you should teach differently, test more. You should make a stubborn achievement gap go away. But you just can’t seem to make it work. With Beneath the Surface, you’ll learn how to help CLD students think and learn in more school-matched ways—by first learning to think differently yourself.
In Beneath the Surface. Ken Pransky combines important research with more than thirty years of experience to create a framework for thinking and strategies for practice that will help you:
  •  learn who your CLD students are on their terms
  • understand the process of learning in a deeper way, so that your teaching becomes more effective
  • explicitly support CLD students’ acquisition of school-matched English
  • identify and teach underachieving CLD students the “secret” skills that are essential for academic success—and that are part of the upbringing of children from the “literacy culture”
  • help underachieving CLD students succeed in math as well as reading.
With Beneath the Surface you can begin closing the achievement gap. You’ll see classroom learning in a whole new light, and find effective ways to act on your observations to the benefit of all your students. You’ll help CLD students build the foundation of confidence, skill, and belonging that every student needs for independent achievement in school.