Marilyn Burns shares decades of experience with teachers and students in this essential resource for anyone who teaches math or is concerned with improving math instruction. Containing more than 240 classroom-tested activities, this comprehensive text helps teachers build students’ understanding and skills; understand the math they are responsible for teaching; and understand how children best learn math.

In this third edition, Marilyn has completely revised Part 1, “Raising the Issues,” to reflect what she has learned over the years from her classroom experience with students and her professional development experience with teachers. This section has also been expanded to address these important topics: teaching math vocabulary; incorporating writing into math instruction; linking assessment and instruction; and using children’s literature to teach key math concepts.

This third edition also includes an entirely new section, “Questions Teachers Ask,” in which Marilyn addresses a wide range of questions she has received over the years from elementary and middle school teachers regarding classroom management and instructional issues.