Faced with the limitations of traditional testing, teachers across the country are searching for new ways to make students' achievement in the classroom count for more—a system of measurement that recognizes difference and reflects the full range of linguistic and cultural experiences. Assessing Literacy with the Learning Record is that tool, presenting a framework that translates teachers' observations into a disciplined, systematic, standards-based reporting process. Taking the best of the British Primary Language Record (Heinemann, 1989), and revising it for North American teachers, Mary Barr and her colleagues have created an assessment system that recognizes contributions form all stakeholders in the process. Teacher narratives, samples of student work, and interviews with parents combine to provide comprehensive evidence of students' progress toward agreed-upon goals and standards. Teachers summarize and record this information, using it both to inform their won teaching and to provide a more uniform and quantifiable record of literacy achievement.

This book includes all of the materials needed to begin using the Learning Record. It offers clear explanations of each part of the Learning Record; guidelines for observing and recording student activity; and examples from actual learning records kept by classroom teachers. The book includes a complete set of reproducible forms for compiling and organizing evidence of progress in talking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as reading and writing developmental scales to guide teaching and learning during the year and provide a summary evaluation at year's end.