Linda Hoyt unlocked the treasures of nonfiction in her practical, classroom-friendly guides Make It Real and Exploring Informational Texts. Now, in this three-video set, Hoyt and several colleagues demonstrate a wide array of ways to navigate this genre. They show you how to infuse informational texts into read alouds, guided reading, and guided writing. Most important, they offer easy and explicit strategies to help you to:

  • make informational texts inviting to all learners
  • teach reading skills across content areas
  • attend to the needs of English language learners, too.

Stimulate your students’ curiosity about the world and energize their learning while building their language skills. Fit informational texts right into your daily teaching with ready-to-use simple suggestions. Learn by watching Linda Hoyt and colleagues.

  • Learning to Love Informational Texts: Follow teachers as they weave nonfiction into every content area, model strategies that help improve reading comprehension and fluency, and make nonfiction more accessible to all learners
  • Guiding Readers and Writers with Informational Texts: Observe guided reading lessons with informational texts, content-area studies infused with interactive writing, and guided writing blended into writing workshops and guided reading.
  • Information Circles and Reciprocal Teaching: Learn the specifics for conducting literature circles and reciprocal groups with nonfiction through various group-interaction and discussion strategies, including student-led teaching and teacher-modeled discussion.

Each video runs approximately 30 minutes. The set comes with a viewing guide to assist staff developers to train teachers, K-5.


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