Quick Access provides down-to-earth writing advice, cutting edge research information, and trusted, class-tested, grammar instruction to help students succeed in their composition courses, in other classes, and beyond.

The fifth Canadian edition of Quick Access: Reference for Writers provides students with fast access to information about the writing process including writing research papers, documenting sources, writing for the web, writing using visuals, mastering grammar, and using correct punctuation.

The new edition reinforces the clear and helpful writing advice that has made this text so successful over the years with new and useful chapters on writing commonly assigned papers. Forward-thinking research coverage is supported by the most current MLA, APA, and CMS example citations.

Teaching & Learning Experience
This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. Here’s how:
  • Personalize Learning–MyWritingLab uniquely integrates proven resources and assessment tools with a student’s own writing. This seamless and flexible application, built for writers by writers, helps instructors and students accomplish everyday composition tasks more easily and effectively.
  • Improve Critical Thinking–Features have been carefully chosen to reinforce the development of complex thinking skills.
  • Engage Students–The supportive, friendly tone of the text combined with its functional design welcomes students into conversations about becoming better writers.
  • Explore Research–Research and documentation sections provide applicable strategies and are designed for utility.
  • Understand Culture and Diversity–Information for multilingual writers is included throughout the text, as well as in a separate section.