In this brand new Canadian text, the authors show how a balanced curriculum helps both students and educators to organize and prepare a coherent curriculum that enables children and families to maximize the potential of an early childhood environment.  As educators strive to develop a balanced curriculum it is necessary to engage in discussion and reflection about the ideas and practices that will enhance their curriculum choices.  The ideas and practices that influence curriculum development and the way in which a balanced curriculum is structured are the focus of this text.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1      Through the Lens of a Balanced Curriculum

Chapter 2      The Child in Context: Current Paradigms, Quality, and Current Practices

Chapter 3      The Multidimensional Environment



Chapter 4      Foundations of a Balanced Curriculum

Chapter 5      Development Discourse: Knowledge of the Child
Chapter 6      Content Discourse: Knowledge of the Subject Areas

Chapter 7      Essentials of an Observation and Assessment System



Chapter 8      Integrating the Foundations of Curriculum

Chapter 9      Developing Infrastructure and Environment

Chapter 10    Engaging the Children
Chapter 11    Observing and Documenting to Support a Balanced Curriculum