Groundbreaking when first published, this has become the classic book on the subject, helping tens of thousands of pre-service and in-service teachers discover successful ways to conduct research in their classrooms. Thoroughly updated to reflect current thinking and technologies, this revised edition continues to show teachers how they can carefully and systematically ask and answer their own questions about learning. In crisp, jargon-free prose, Ruth Shagoury Hubbard and Brenda Miller Power present the nuts and bolts of classroom research strategies: interviewing and notetaking techniques, methods for categorizing data, online support, hands-on activities for testing research methods and honing skills, plus much more. Hubbard and Power have worked for 15 years with teacher-researchers from across the country. In this book, they give teacher research a human face, from pre-service and beginning teachers at work in their classrooms to veterans with suggestions and examples to share. The stories of individual growth demonstrate why and how teacher research is transforming the ways teachers view themselves and their classrooms. And each chapter of this book shows how to get there, including:
  • Getting started: deciding what to investigate and how to frame questions
  • Designing the research to fit your area of investigation
  • Gathering data in the midst of teaching
  • Making sense of that mountain of data
  • Reviewing the literature and the implications of others' research on your findings
  • Converting research for sharing with a wider audience
  • Creating a teacher-research network and support group
This book can help any aspiring teacher-researcher develop observation and analytical skills. But it is much more than a collection of research techniques—it is a celebration of what is possible in classrooms when teachers pursue answers to their own questions about learning.