Table of Contents

Foreword by Jennifer Serravallo



Chapter 1

What Does It Take to Develop Lifelong Readers? Research Says . . . Books

Story of a Reader: Creating a Community of Readers

Research Demonstrates That Books Matter

How to Get the Books We Need in Schools

Overview of This Book

Story of a School: Celebrating a Community of Readers  


Chapter 2

Choosing and Using Books: The Heart and Soul of Literacy

Story of a Reader: A Reader’s Identity Is More Than a Level

What Do Readers Consider When Choosing Books?

What Do Teachers Consider When Choosing Books?

Where Are the Books? School Libraries, Bookrooms, and Classroom Libraries

Story of a School: Make the Best Use of the Books You Have


Chapter 3

Designing Classroom Libraries and Bookrooms to Work Together: Maximizing Access

Story of a Reader: You Can’t Love What You Can’t Read

Organizing Books for Access

Studying Classroom Library Design

Mentor Classroom Library: Come on In!

Designing Classroom Libraries for Access

Studying Bookroom Design

Mentor Bookroom: Come on In!

Designing Bookrooms for Access

Bringing the Designs to Life

Story of a School: Working Together to Provide More Text Choice


Chapter 4

What Books Do You Have? What Books Do You Need? The Inventory Process

Story of a Reader: If You Build It, They Will Come

Putting Time and Money Where the Research Is: Filling Our Schools with Books

Taking Inventory

Planning Before Reorganizing

Rotating Book Inventory with All Calls

Story of a School: Together We Can Do So Much


Chapter 5

More Bang for Your Books: Provisioning Your School with Books

Story of a Reader: There Is More to a Book Than The Book Itself

When We Don’t Have What We Need: Budgeting for Book Purchases

Getting Ready for the Grand Opening

Setting the Books Free! Getting New Books into the School Community

Story of a School: Buying Books Is Professional Development


Chapter 6

So Many Books . . . How Does a Reader Choose? Supporting Readers’ Choice and Agency with Books

Story of a Reader: What Is a Good Reader?

What Is a Reader? Know Your Readers as Well as You Know Your Books

Talking with Your Students About How Readers Choose Books

Helping Students Plan for Summer Reading

Story of a School: Have Books, Will Travel


Chapter 7

Got Books . . . Now What? Organizing Books to Support Instruction

Story of a Reader: If You Like This, Then You Should Try . . .

Understanding the Reading Process

Knowing the Books

Honoring All Readers in the Books We Choose

Knowing the Reader

Story of a School: What Happened to Readers Workshop?


Chapter 8

Digital Resources: Opening a World of Possibilities

Story of a Reader: Using Digital Tools to Engage Readers

Teaching Digital Literacy: It’s More Than Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Using Digital Resources to Enhance Instruction and Engagement

Story of a School: Digital Resources Ensure No Child Is Excluded from the Literacy Club



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