Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Breathings of the Heart: Heart Mapping Beginnings—the How and the Why

  • Heart Mapping with Children
  • How Heart Mapping Nurtures Writers

Chapter 2 Heart-Mapping Essentials: What You Need for Your Journey

  • How to Introduce Heart Mapping
  • When to Introduce Heart Mapping
  • What to Include on Heart Maps
  • Time Needed for Heart Maps

Chapter 3 The Heart of the Matter: Twenty Heart Maps to Inspire and Engage Writers

  1. Blank Canvas Heart Map
  2. My Writer’s Heart Map
  3. My Reader’s Heart Map
  4. Small Moment Heart Map
  5. First Time Heart Map
  6. Last Time Heart Map
  7. Family Quilt Heart Map
  8. My Name Heart Map
  9. My Pet or Favorite Animal Heart Map
  10. Gratitude Heart Map
  11. Home Is Where the Heart Is Heart Map
  12. My Wishes Heart Map
  13. Special Place Heart Map
  14. Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World Heart Map
  15. A Beloved Character Heart Map
  16. People I Admire Heart Map
  17. Where I Find Poetry Heart Map
  18. Senses Heart Map
  19. What I Love About My Topic Heart Map
  20. What I Wonder About Heart Map

Chapter 4 Digging Deeper into Heart Maps: Sharing, Reflecting on, and Writing from Heart Maps

  • Sharing Heart Maps
  • Writing from Heart Maps
  • Revising Writing from Heart Maps
  • Using Mentor Texts with Heart Maps
  • Reflecting on Using Heart

Chapter 5 Three Hearts: Guest Essays

  • “LitWorld Heart Stories,” by Pam Allyn
  • “What Matters,” by Nancie Atwell
  • “Tune in to Your Heart Map Playlist,” by Penny Kittle

Epilogue: Keeping Our Hearts Open